Hear what people have to say about Mary:

My partner and I decided to adopt an 8th week old golden retriever puppy with little knowledge or experience with raising a puppy. During our first private training session with Mary, she guided us through the basics like house training, eating habits and using positive reinforcement as a training method. Mary has been instrumental in proving us with tips, tools and training exercises to raise our Willow. She is extremely knowledgeable about raising healthy and happy dogs and we are so appreciative of all her guidance. Thanks, Mary!

- Ashley W. & Charlie S.

I truly believe Mary is Bing’s best friend! He gets so excited every time she comes over to train with him. She has definitely been a savior for my husband and I, helping our crazy pup to become the best dog he can be. She has helped us with training tips for keeping him calm, being a polite puppy, focus, and training for on-leash (which he is very reactive on). Bing is very smart and gets to use all his brain power with Mary, to then come home and sleep away the afternoon. Anytime we have a question or something we want to work on with Bing, she is on it! We love working with Mary!

- Casi & Greg G.

We rescued a dog with serious leash reactivity and additional anxiety issues. Mary has been a true partner over the past year, working with us on a weekly basis to help us to better manage his leash walks and reduce his anxiety. Additionally, Mary has completed a couple of board and train sessions while we were away, that not only gave a boost to our dog’s training, but also provided us full peace of mind that he was being extremely well cared for in our absence. Mary is one of those rare trainers that is completely tune with dogs and their needs, and also understands the needs of the dog’s humans.

- Christy K.

For anyone considering Mary Angilly to be their dog trainer: I first met Mary while she was working as an Animal Care and Adoption Counselor in Boston, MA at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – she helped me select a dog from the Adoption Center. Spikey was an older dog, a Rat Terrier, and a breed I was not familiar with. Mary was on target – an older dog would be the perfect fit for a working person and Spikey and I fell in love! I have kept in touch with Mary over the last few years to touch base and to pick her brain when selecting a new pet. Mary is a kind, thoughtful person who is always willing to go the extra mile, and her concern for the well being of animals is genuine. I wouldn’t accept anything less.

- Joanne O.

Mary is a life saver.  After almost a year with another trainer we had had little progress with two high anxiety Canaan’s.  Mary was referred to us for a board and train and she has been working with our girls regularly since.  Her training style is approachable and effective and our dogs love her.  We have made more progress in three months than we had in 12.

- Heather & Tom G.
Mary has been an incredible trainer to work with. Not only is she great at her job, but she is a genuinely kind person that wants you and your dog to succeed.
Our dog is a rescue dog that has struggled with aggression towards both dogs and people. Mary took on our case and bonded with our dog right away. He absolutely loves working with her (there are very few people he loves). She has given us specific instructions on how to work our dog’s different behaviors. She also gave us insight into what may be going through our dog’s brain during his moments of fear and aggression that made his behaviors much easier to understand.
Between sessions, Mary would check in to see how our progress was going. We have seen a TON of improvements in our dog’s behavior (and happiness) and will continue to use Mary as our trainer. Mary is professional and organized. She takes notes on our sessions to remember what we talked about and what we are working on.
We absolutely recommend using Mary as a dog trainer!
- Rachael & Phil B.

We are excited about the progress our dog has made with his training at RMDT. Thanks to Mary for her creative strategies that have allowed our dog to relax more around people and other dogs. Her ideas have enabled us to expand on our previous training methods. We are much closer to achieving our behavior goals for our dog.

- Cathy F. & Lael M.

I highly recommend Mary Angilly! Mary worked with us on some basic training techniques as well as behavioral issues for our 6-month-old puppy.  She came to our home and took the time to completely understand the behavioral issues we were having.  She explained the various approaches we could take and made sure we understood the different levels of commitment required for each.  Once we decided on the best approach for us, she helped implement and reinforce training techniques and management strategies.  Our family, as well as our puppy, learned a lot and everyone is much happier now!  Mary is extremely knowledgeable, easy to communicate with and quick to follow-up…..she is awesome to work with!

- Suzy B.